An Evening at Lakeside Restaurant

Not that there’s actual voting, but Lakeside Restaurant’s menu earns a couple of important endorsements, especially in Highlands.
 Lakeside Restaurant is set on the shores of Highlands’ little Harris Lake, arranged as though for a postcard. That charm carries over into the restaurant itself, its intimate  12-table dining room lined with whimsical art and served in soothing colors. 
You’re immediately at ease.
But Lakeside’s undeniable coziness is not simply a matter of that decor or even its setting. It’s the people, both in the Dining Room and, truly, deeply, the ones manning the kitchen.  
Owner Laura Huerta overseas the Dining Room and she sets the tone for the evening with a heartfelt greeting and an easy, confident manner. It feels like she’s inviting you into her home (now that I think about it, that’s probably what she’s doing) for an intimate meal.
Our server was Merrill and she continued that soft, enthusiastic welcome. She gave us the right amount of attention, careful not to interrupt our animated table, yet persistent enough to ensure everyone heard about the evening specials. 
Since we had a tableful of hungry people  and I don’t want this to end up reading like a culinary laundry list, let me present the standouts – the ones that halted all tabletop conversation with insistent declarations of “You’ve got to try this!” 
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