Chef Justin Burdett on Food You Won’t Forget

It was the pits where Justin started. The BBQ pit that is. Glens BBQ of Snellville Georgia didn’t know exactly what they were getting into when they hired 14 year old Justin Burdett. He worked his way from dishwasher to Pit Master during his tenure at Glens BBQ during his high school years and found himself wanting to learn more about the industry

justin-burdett_local-provisions-asheville_photo-by-meghan-rolfe-photographyafter graduation.

So he moved to Athens, Georgia where Hugh Acheson took him under his wing and mentored him in the culinary world. Justin credits Acheson as well as Steven Satterfield, Dean Neff and Neil McCarthy for helping him grow as a chef, “ Each taught me different aspects of the industry and lessons that I use every day.”

Justin relocated to Asheville, NC in 2006, where he worked his way up the ranks at various local restaurants, including The Market Place, Table Restaurant, The Richmond Hill Inn, where he expanded the fine cuisine tasting menu, and Nova, where he held an executive chef position. In 2009, Burdett accepted an opening position at Miller Union under executive chef Steven Satterfield and served as the chef de cuisine for nearly three years,“ Said Justin.

“I have always loved food and cooking, so this career path came naturally for me. I started cooking with my grandmother when I was very young and took my first job at 14 working at Glen’s BBQ in my hometown. Throughout my career, I’ve worked in different kitchens – some corporate and some small business. Each has taught me about food and the restaurant industry.  

In 2015, Justin opened Local Provisions, in Asheville NC. He says ultimately he wanted to cook food that he loved and cook it well. He wanted a beautiful space that was welcoming and timeless. “I want people to leave thinking that it was the best meal they’ve ever had. I think that’s the ultimate goal for any chef-owner. (We want to ) create an experience that resonates with the guests- from food to taste to smell.”

Justin says he still remembers his last visit to Gramercy Tavern. “It was an experience that always has stuck with me. I remember every detail. I hope that the experience we’ve crated at Local Provisions will stick with my guests in the same way. There’s nothing better than hearing that a guest loved their food and the overall experience – it makes every risk worth it. “

Are you tempted to try some of Justin Burdett’s cooking? Be sure to stop by The Main Event where Justin will be whipping up some of his signature dishes. Tickets can be found online at