Joe DiMaio
Appearing at: Main Event

Joe DiMaio

Charleston, SC
Charleston Bay Gourmet

Chef Joe DiMaio is the owner of Charleston Bay Gourmet Catering; a versatile company that can bring any food vision to life.  After running some of Charleston’s most popular restaurants for the past 10 years, DiMaio decided to leave the brick and mortars and use the skills he’s obtained in a broader capacity. He started a private chef company, Chainey Briar Chef Solutions, during the pandemic when there was an increased demand for it and has had lasting success.  At the beginning of this year, he took ownership of an existing catering company with his wife and longtime chef colleague, Sara Prezioso.  He and his team have been working tirelessly to turn this catering company into a Charleston favorite.  DiMaio has a vision and drive that extends beyond cooking in a restaurant. His true passion lies in the creativity and diversity of food which he represents in both his companies.

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