Ken Frazier
Appearing at: Grand Tasting

Ken Frazier

Greenville, SC
Woodside Bistro

Chef Ken Frazier is executive chef and co-owner of Woodside Bistro in Greenville, SC. After running some of Greenville’s most popular restaurants, Ken decided to pursue a catering business. Premiere Party Catering (Now Woodside Bistro Catering) was born in 2017. After two successful years of catering, an opportunity came for a brick-and-mortar location in the City View area. Coming into the new year of 2019, Woodside Bistro was named one of 2019’s most anticipated restaurants.  After months of setbacks, the doors finally opened in May 2019.  Two more successful years later and Woodside Bistro outgrew the building. In need of expansion, Woodside Bistro relocated to the historical Woodside Mill. The location is adjacent to the Lofts at Woodside Mill.  There is an all-season patio, an open space dining room, and a 13-seat bar offering craft cocktails and local beer on tap. Woodside Bistro is open 7 days a week for lunch, dinner + brunch on Saturdays and Sundays and offers a variety of menu items with weekly features for each meal period.

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