Hometown: Greenville, SC
Restaurant: We Got the Beets

Connect with Sandy Edmondson

Sandy Edmondson

My name is Sandy Edmondson and I’m just a girl that loves to cook.
My husband  and I run We Got The Beets Food Truck. We serve
high quality, delicious vegan food. I take everyday recipes
and make them vegan with all the flavor and zest. My love of
cooking started at 6 yrs old, standing on a chair next to my
grandma helping her make her famous mashed potatoes. My
favorite story that my grandma told is the one where she
woke up thinking the house was burning, but then realized it
was eggs and bacon she was smelling.  I, at 7 years old
surprised my grandma with breakfast. She always ended the
story with ” it was the best breakfast she ever
ate”.  Little did i know that at 7 I had truly found
my joy.  Several years later, we turned my dream of cooking
for anyone into a reality. Since our eating habits changed
for health purposes on both parts, my husband and I figured
we couldnt be the only couple that had problems finding places to eat at.  We were tired of
deconstructing salads, so we took the reigns in our own
hands and that’s how We Got The Beets Food Truck was