Putting the Best Foot Forward


When Hilary met stand-up comedian Chris Wilkes in Raleigh, NC she had no idea they’d get married, move up to NYC and have two beautiful children before moving their family down to Highlands, NC where they both would eventually work in Chris’s family business. “It’s been the best decision that we could’ve made for our family. It’s great to raise our children here in Highlands,” said Hilary,  “and it’s very much a family business Chris, his father, mother, aunt, uncle, brother and 91 year old grandmother “Nana” all work at Highland Hiker too.”

Highland Hiker has been known to locals for the past thirty years as the go-to store for the essentials. It’s a gathering spot for locals when the weather is cold in January, and a warm and inviting space during peak leaf season for the seasonal Highland tenants and tourists.

Highland HIker may be known regionally for it’s gear and expertise on all things outdoor related, but they also offer world class fly-fishing excursions that take fisherman of all levels to some of the most beautiful and well stocked streams in the world. Past excursions have been to New Zealand, Oregon and Patagonia.

We put Highlands Hiker to the test with two fashion bloggers this past weekend. Sally Meno and Tiffany Zargas, accompanied by Highlands photographer Anna Gordon tried on warm Dubarry boots,  Frye bags and Barbour jackets and posed for the camera. “We’ve never been downtown Highlands before, “ said fashion writer Tiffany Zargas, owner of fashion blog, Macaronsandcoffee.com. “I loved Highland Hiker especially because of the warm cozy knits they had. I curated an outfit with a navy Barbour jacket and matching scarf and the shoes I tried on were really comfortable. Cute, but you could walk in them.”

The owner of ThreadedLife.com, Sally Meno, enjoyed the flexibility of the store’s retail offerings, ““The whole set up of the store Highland Hiker, inside and outside truly lives up to it’s name. They have a wide variety of clothing and accessories to help accommodate any style you may be into. Highland Hiker is in a little old log cabin and not only does it make you feel like you’re at home but the staff does too.”

We can’t wait to share pictures of the experience with you… stay tuned!