Ticket Waitlist

Thank you for joining our waitlist. Below are some details and instructions.

Ticket availability solely depends on current ticket holders who can no longer attend Highlands Food and Wine Festival and want to sell their tickets. When this happens, the first people on the waitlist for that ticket type will be contacted. They will have 48 hours to respond and claim the tickets before it moves on to the next person in line. Ticket transfers will happen directly through the TicketSpice platform. We will provide explicit instructions on how to claim your tickets when if you have the chance to buy. 

Tickets for all events will be resold at face value with the exact fees as if you purchased them initially. There will be no upcharge.  

By joining this waitlist, you are not guaranteed tickets nor guaranteed the opportunity to buy tickets; it is solely based on supply. Your place in line is determined by when you signed up for the waitlist. May the odds ever be in your favor! 

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Ticket Waitlist

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