Brian Crow
Appearing at: Main Event

Brian Crow

Asheville, NC

“Recognized as a “culinary game-changer” in Zagat Magazine and as one of the “top 30 chefs under 30” during his time in Colorado, Brian’s career began modestly but has consistently grown alongside his talents. With a family of seven children, it wasn’t easy for Brian’s mother to feed everyone, but she managed. Her resourcefulness and ingenuity in the kitchen inspired Brian; to this day, he gets nostalgic picking beans, peeling potatoes, and reminiscing about her famous bacon-fried chicken.

While at culinary school, Brian started working at The Corner Kitchen, where he developed a more significant measure of culinary expression. “It was truly the cornerstone of my career, as it taught me to be a well-rounded cook.” There, he had the opportunity to cook for the former President and First Lady of the United States, Barack and Michelle Obama. After culinary school, he landed a sous chef position at Asheville’s renowned Grove Park Inn.

In 2011, Brian became the Executive Chef at Devil’s Food Bakery & Cookery in Denver at only 24 years of age. Following his tenure there, he collaborated with the owner, architect, and contractor in a restaurant project called Bacon Social House.

Brian returned to North Carolina to become Chestnut’s Executive Chef in 2017. In 2022, he moved up to be the Culinary Director of both Corner Kitchen and Chestnut. “I couldn’t pass up reuniting with a family that I’ve worked for in the past, and it has really challenged my career in so many ways. Work hard, be humble, and have fun is my motto.”

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