Joe Cash
Appearing at: Main Event

Joe Cash

Greenville, SC

Returning to his hometown, Greenville, South Carolina, Joe Cash is the Owner and Founding Chef of Scoundrel.

Cash has spent years working in the world’s top kitchens such as James Beard award-winning chef and restaurateur Thomas Keller’s acclaimed Three-Michelin star and New York Times four-star Per Se in Columbus Circle of New York City, as well as Chef Rene Redzepi’s Two-Michelin star Noma in Copenhagen, Denmark, which famously held the position of number one restaurant in the world for multiple years.

In 2022, Chef Cash made his homecoming debut, opening Scoundrel in the heart of Greenville, SC’s vibrant downtown food scene to much acclaim. Scoundrel is a sophisticated french dining establishment featuring specialty cocktails, a world class wine list, french-style steaks, lowcountry and european seafood, prepared and served to feed the table.

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