Steven Goff
Appearing at: A Shot at Redemption

Steven Goff

Asheville, NC

Owner/chef Steven Goff opened Tastee Diner less than a year ago and has been serving customers with comfort food for the curious and adventurous. Goff’s food mission is not only personal but it’s a sustainable operation as well. He takes comfort food elements and combines them with bold flavors and unique taste profiles, reusing leftover ingredients to craft eclectic specials. He is thrilled to be expanding Tastee’s offerings by opening the doors for dinner service and expanding on the menu allowing for more of an upscale dining experience.

“Dinner service is where we can play and support our local farmers and different ingredients I want to mess with,” says Goff, “For dinner service here, I wanted to give people a place that would feel a little loungy, easy to come to, easy to hangout at, doesn’t matter what you’re wearing, come in, get some natural wines and small plates. Or, if you’re not feeling that, come in, get a burger and a PBR, just kind of an all-around space.”


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