Michael Schorn, Butcher & Bee

Michael Schorn | Co-Chef

Michael Schorn is the co-chef of Butcher & Bee in Charleston, SC. Hailing from South Dakota, Michael grew up in rural America where learned about sustainable farming and earnest home cooking with local, seasonal ingredients.

Summer meant canning and preserving home-grown produce with mom, and autumn brought hunting excursions with dad, giving Michael a deep appreciation for food and it’s origins at an early age. After culinary school in South Dakota, Michael dove into cookbooks to expand his knowledge, studying more global cuisines and techniques.

Relocating to Atlanta, Michael worked in several busy restaurants, including iconic Canoe and popular Italian spot Ecco. Inspired by it’s agriculture and slower living, Michael headed east to the Lowcountry. With his food, Michael aims to tell the story of culture and the seasons using bold flavors, with local ingredients playing the star role. Drawing inspiration from the abundance of passionate farmers who dedicate themselves to ensure the best quality products, Michael is humbled and proud to cook truly honest, seasonal food at Butcher & Bee.

In his free time, Michael enjoys spending time outdoors by the smoker, preparing a meal for loved ones.

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