2017 Event Locations


Kelsey -Hutchinson Founders Park
Highlands, NC 28741

See last year’s Grand Tasting


The Bascom: Center for the Visual Arts
323 Franklin Rd.
Highlands, NC 28741

See last year’s Truckin’


Main Street, Between 4th and 5th Streets
Highlands, NC 28741

See last year’s Main Event


Kelsey – Hutchinson Founders Park
Highlands, NC 28741


Various Shops
On and around Main Street
Highlands, NC 28741

See last year’s Sip & Shop


Kelsey -Hutchinson Founders Park
Highlands, NC 28741

See last year’s Gospel Brunch

Please note that this event will be outdoors so weather appropriate dress is advised

Lodging and Vacation Rental Information

Lodging Information

Contact the Festival

Ticketing – ticketing@highlandsfoodandwine.com
General Inquiries – info@highlandsfoodandwine.com
Sponsorships – sponsors@highlandsfoodandwine.com
Marketing & Public Relations – ashleybrownstrategy@gmail.com
Highlands Chamber of Commerce – visitor@highlandschamber.org

Box Office Location and Hours coming soon


Highlands, NC is a small town and parking is limited.  We ask that you carpool whenever possible, and please respect private and business parking in our community.  Most of our events are centrally located in either on Main Street, or in Kelsey Hutchinson Park.  Additional designated festival parking will be announced before the festival.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Highlands Food & Wine Festival 21 and up?

All Highlands Food & Wine events are 21 and up.  Valid ID is required at all events. If we cannot verify your age, you will not be allowed into the festival. Anyone under the age of 21 will be stopped at the gate, refused entry and passes will not be refunded. Please don’t bring infants, small children in child carriers, or strollers, as they will not be permitted entry.

Can I purchase a weekend pass?

A limited number of VIP Weekender Passes were available for purchase, but have now SOLD OUT.

Will more tickets to the sold out events be available?

We do not have any plans of selling more tickets to the events that are sold out. We have created a Highlands Food and Wine Ticket exchange on Facebook. Ticket holders who need to sell tickets/ trade tickets/ buy tickets can do so throughout the year by connecting with one another on this group:


Can I purchase a ticket for a friend/as a gift?

Sure! Please include their email address to allow them to receive all important information!

Can I receive a refund if I have bought a ticket and cannot attend the event?

Unfortunately, Highlands Food and Wine Festival has a no refund policy. You are more than welcome to attempt to sell the tickets to a friend or on the Highlands Food & Wine Ticket Exchange page. Make sure those you have sold your tickets to have the email confirmation receipt that the festival sent you. They will need this to pick up the tickets.

What If I Still Need More Information?

For the up-to-the-moment event updates and to give yourself a primer look at everything the festival has to offer, please join the mailing list here.  For specific questions, contact the festival using the email addresses above. For any questions specific to your ticket purchase, please contact ticketing@highlandsfoodandwine.com

 Is Highlands Food & Wine a Non-Profit?

Yes!  Highlands Food & Wine is a non-profit event designed to promote the Town of Highlands, NC as a world-class destination full of award winning restaurants, diverse retailers and unmatched natural beauty.  Highlands Food & Wine is proud to partner with the Highlands Food Pantry to raise funds and awareness to combat food insecurity in our community.

What is the festival doing to help the environment?

Highlands Food & Wine is committed to preserving the pristine beauty of our community and promoting good environmental practices.  We are proud to partner with Zero Hero (hyperlink) to recycle and compost waste created by our weekend celebration. In 2017, we diverted 3085lbs of recycling and compostable waste from of our landfills.

When and where do I get my tickets/wristband?

All wristbands will be picked up at the box office the week before and during the event. Location and operating hours of the HFW Box Office will be announced at a later date. You will be asked for your photo ID or verification of purchase (receipt sent to you via email after purchase) when picking up your tickets at the box office.

Can I pick up my friends’ tickets when I get my own?

Yes. You will be asked for your photo ID or verification of purchase (receipt sent to you via email after purchase) when picking up your tickets at the box office. If you are picking up tickets for friends, you must have a print out or digital verification of every ticket not under your own name.

What do I do if I lose my wristbands/tickets, want a refund, etc?

Treat your wristband like cash. All passes to Highlands Food & Wine are non-refundable, non-transferable and will not be replaced if lost or stolen. All wristbands must be worn and displayed in clear sight at all Highlands Food & Wine events. Please do not remove Highlands Food & Wine wristband the duration of your visit and do not remove your wristband until you plan to leave the event for the final time.

How do I put on my wristband?

*NOTE: Handle your wristband carefully to assure you don’t pull the sliding lock (black plastic piece) closed before you put it on for the event. These wristbands MUST be worn at the event.

* Do not cut the ends of the wristband. This will void the wristband & it cannot be replaced.

Treat your wristband like cash – lost, stolen, tampered with, and/or confiscated wristbands will not be replaced!

  1. Place wristband around wrist
  2. Hold two loose ends of band tight
  3. Move the sliding lock toward your wrist until there is a “two finger” space between the lock and your wrist.

4. Keep wristband on until the end of the event and do not play with the sliding lock to keep a comfortable fit.